last exit for the lost

"would you pay life's pleasures to see me, does it hurt for i want you to remain, i run your hair through in another decade, summerland holds me in sumerian haze"

- last exit for the lost by fields of the nephilim


Redirecting in 10...9...8...7...

Since I no longer update this page with new material, it is now set to redirect to my blog's new home in ten seconds. So, if you want to look around or leave a comment, you had better do it quickly!
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Everything Must Go!

Actually, everything will stay, but I have indeed moved my blog. My new blog home is at: I'm still unpacking, but all the basics are there. I've moved all of the posts and comments over to the new site. I will still be monitoring activity here, but my new entries will be posted at the new domain. Storage and bandwidth for has been graciously provided be Techgnostic web hosting, where I will eventually be transferring my hompage,, as well. (They always suck you in with the freebies!) Nah, seriously, the folks at offer some awesome features and unsurpassed technical support.
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It's All About the Crema!

It's been a while since I updated my blog. Yes, I've gone longer without updates, but I've really been trying to keep up on it. And, I do watch my blog reader stats, so I know that there are a few people who check with some regularity. I feel bad when people go out of there way to visit my little corner here and find nothing new, so consider this my obligatory post. (I'll try to post another before the weekend is over, but no promises!) It's not that I don't have anything to talk about. There is plenty going on in my life right now. But it's not necessarily the stuff you want to broadcast to the world. Nuff said. I'm going to take this opportunity to talk a little about one of my favorite subjects; coffee. I occasionally do google searches on words like "espresso" or "cappuccino" just to keep up on the latest products and trends. Today I searched Wikipedia for both of those words. The entries are actually pretty good, and I encourage fellow enthusiasts to check them out for yourselves. The entry is most impressive, in my opinion, as it not only gives an accurate description, but also includes a short history of the etymology of the word. The entry, on the other hand, I think has some glaring oversights. Namely, that while the influence of Star****s on the popularity of espresso is mentioned, the author(s?) of the article fail to mention that this was only possible due to the undergroud coffee house trends that had been developing for years before this corporate giant's rise to power. When I have time, I will likely edit the entry to reflect the nature of the counter-culture that made corporatization possible. That is, unless someone beats me to it (please!) Besides, I just got through un-vandalizing the entry (see history). Regardless, there is some very useful information on the espresso page that all wannabe coffee snobs should know. For instance, the list of drinks made with espresso is invaluable. You really need to know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino before you order. If you order a cappuccino, and then complain that it isn't sweet, or that there's too much "foam," I'm going to give you one of those blank stares. Just remember, when you go to the vending machine and see the button marked "cappuccino," it's lying to you. I actually find it hard to believe that anyone who has ever pressed that button and drank the sewage it spews forth, would ever want to duplicate that experience. So if you think I'm being a condescending snob when I call you out for speaking of things about which you have no knowledge, you're right. And you earned it. Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Now where was I? Oh, yes, the Wiki entries. The Espresso machine entry contains some useful information as well. OK, I guess my rant isn't quite over because I have some issues with the latest trend in espresso machines, the fully automatic, or Super Automatic. Now, I'm not terribly old-fashioned. I don't brew my espresso on the stove or pump the water by hand. But there is a certain technique to achieve a well-brewed shot of espresso, and properly steamed and frothed milk. When I see machines advertised that will grind, brew, froth, pick your nose, brush your teeth, etc. all at the push of a button, I shake my head in disgust. It is embarassing as well; embarassing because these abominations are being produced by some of the top name espresso machine manufacturers. These machines promise a "perfect cup" every time. And no doubt, the good ones will likely give you a decent product consistently. But I'd be willing to bet the ashes of my deceased cat that a seasoned barista, fluent in the art and science of composing espresso-based drinks, will be able to deliver a better product than the best of these "perfect cup" machines.
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it was bound to happen

I'm sure we've all heard enough jokes over the past week. If I hadn't heard enough before today, I certainly got my fill from 's (some of them had me rolling!) But I just have to pass along this hilarious flash video, "," which, of course, is a parody of the song, "Janie's Got a Gun."
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Social bookmarking and annotation: a wor.ld of domain

Every one likes to bookmark their favorite sites for easy access later, right? Well a slew of new websites are offering the next stage of online bookmarking. Now you can not only bookmark your favorite sites, but also share them with the internet community. The links are categorized using the all-important , and may also include descriptions and comments from yourself and anyone else who has bookmarked the same web page. Here's a brief description of some of these new services that I've found useful, or at least unique: could be seen as the standard in the social bookmarking community to which others may compare themselves. I'm not saying that is the best, but they do have a reputation as an industry standard. My first experiments with social bookmarking was with, and I still continue to use it. It's simple and straight forward, and it even offers a nifty little plug-in for your firefox browser that let's you tag any site you're on without having to go to the site. This site just came out of beta today. While I appreciate the no-frills approach of, I can't deny that ma.gnolia has them beat hands-down on visual aesthetic. But that's not all they have to offer. Ma.gnolia has combined social bookmarking with the features of social networking. You can exchange messages with other users, add people to your contants list, and join or form groups that represent a specific interest. And of course you are also able to import your current bookmarks into your ma.gnolia account. I haven't had the time yet to explore all of the features, but this one looks promising. Diigo is still in its beta stage, but looks to me to be one of the most comprehensive social bookmarking and annotation tools on the web. To use all of the features, one must install a toolbar to their firefox browser. I'm not crazy about having another toolbar to take up my viewing space, but given the features it has to offer, I'm willing to make the compromise (after all, if I need more viewing space I can always hit F11 for full screen mode.) The annotation feature allows the user to add notes to the bookmark regarding that particular site, and the notes left by others are also visible. The one feature, however, that I feel sets this service apart from the others is the ability to update eight other bookmarking services everytime to add to your diigo list. The only part of this feature that still needs some work is that while some of the services, such as, are updated automatically and invisibly, others must be updated semi-manually. That is, a number of additional windows pop up with fields pre-filled, but requiring you to click an update button. To use this multi-platform updating you have to already have accounts with those services, but this feature may be disabled as well. I've really only scratched the surface of the capabilities of diigo in this description, but keep your eye on this one. They've got quite a comprehensive service in the making here. Here are links to some other social bookmarking services you also might want to check out:
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